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Network resistor

CN 115C

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Such networks are used for the precise setting of the amplification at operational amplifiers, at inputwires (DMM) and similar precise measuring instruments. 
In this context the most important prerequisite is the relative tolerance of the dividing factors. In addition these dividing factors shall be distinguished by the lowest possible deviations within the allowed temperature range. 
Thus a high temperature tracking of the used resistors is necessary. 
Networks of series BN and BK meet these requirements perfectly. This way relative tolerances of about 0.025% and a TC-tracking of <3x10-6/°C can be realized (depending onresistor value and temperature range). 
Resistance ranges and tolerances
9M - 1K  ±0.25% 
Limiting element voltage  @1200 V 
Rating voltage  R1 (9M): 1100 V
R2 (900K): 300 V
R3 (90K): 150 V
R4 (9K): 50 V
R5 (1K, 900R): 15 V 
Climatic category  55 / 125 / 56 
Temp. characteristics  (abs) ±100x10-6/°C 
TC tracking  (-25°C to 125°C): <50x10-6/°C 
Tolerance tracking  <0.50% 
Voltage coefficient  <0.5x10-6/V 
Insulation resistance  >1010Ω 
Marking  Letter 
Weight (100 pcs)  190 g