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Thick film resistor

CS 003

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Tolerances and Resistance ranges
Insulation voltage  >500 V 
Insulation resistance  >1010 Ω 
Weight (100 pcs)  ca. 10 g 
Cleaning solvents
For the removal of flux can be used: ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, propanol, butanol and water.
Reaction time max. 5 minutes 
Test Conditions Requirements
4.13 Overload  5s, 2,5 x Urated or 2 x Umax  ΔR≤±(0,10%R) 
4.18 Soldering-Resistance to heat  260±5°C, 10s  ΔR≤±(0,10%R) 
4.19 Rapid change of temperature  -65°C, 155°C, 5x  ΔR≤±(0,25%R) 
4.24 Damp heat, steady  40°C, 93%r.H., 56d  ΔR≤±(0,25%R) 
4.25 Endurance at 70°C  Urated or Umax, 1000h
Urated or Umax, 8000h 
Section numbers of test and performance requirements refer to EN 140 000 
Order example
Type  CS 003 
Rated resistance  10M 
Tolerance  1%