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Metal film resistor

SMDS 0805

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Length  2.00±0.15 
Width  1.25±0.15 
Height  0.50±0.10 
I1  0.30±0.20 
I2  0.30±0.20 
TC, Resistance ranges and tolerances
Resistance range E24Tol.  0R200 - 1R 
Resistance range in E192 (special value on request)  other values on request 
Resistance tolerance  ±0.5%; ±1.0% 
Operating mode: Standard
Power rating at 70°C  1/8W 
Operation temperature range  -55°C - +155°C 
Max. working voltage  150V 
Temperature coefficient  ±50ppm/°C; ±100ppm/°C 
Max. overload voltage  300V 
Test Conditions Requirements
MIL-STD-202F, Method 304 Temperature coefficient  +25/-55/+25/+125/+25°C  by Type 
JIS-C-5202-5.5 Short time overload  2.5 times RCWV or max. overload voltage for 5 sec.  ΔR ±1% 
MIL-STD-202F, Method 301 Dielectric withstand voltage  max. overload voltage for 1min.  by Type 
MIL-STD-202F, Method 302 Insulation resistance  100VDC for 1min.  > 1GΩ 
MIL-STD-202F, Method 107G Thermal shock  100 cycles. -55°C to +150°C  ΔR ±0.5% 
MIL-STD-202F, Method 108A  Load Life  RCWV, 70°C, 1.5h on, 0.5h off, total 1000~1048h   ΔR ±1% 
MIL-STD-202F, Method 103F Humidity (steady state)  40°C, 90~95%, RCWV 1.5h on, 0.5h off, total 1000~1048h  ΔR ±0.5% 
JIS-C-5202-7.2 Resistance to Dry Heat  96h at 155°C without load  dr ±0.5% 
JIS-C-5202-7.1 Low temperature operation  1h at -65°C followed by 45min. of RCWV  ΔR ±0.5% 
JIS-C-5202-6.1.4 Bending strength  3mm deflection in either direction for 10 sec.  by Type 
MIL-STD-202F, Method 208H Solderability  245°C±5°C, 5±0.5sec  > 95% min. coverage 
MIL-STD-202F, Method 210E Resistance to soldering heat  260±5°C, 10±1sec  ΔR ±0.5% 
Order example
Type  SMDS 0805 
Rated resistance  0R470 
Tolerance  1% 
TC  100