A component manufacturing for precisely manufactured, customized products, whether resistance network or sensor element, begins first with the exact survey of all given electrical and geometric values. Based on this information, an electric circuit is designed and an optimal layout is created. Once all important parameters (e.g. resistance value, laser trimmability, dielectric strength, stability) have been checked and are correct, initial samples are produced and handed over to the customer, if the final test is positive. After final customer approval, the actual production begins.

Example Thickfilm-Production

Initially, a screen must be made for each layout (conductor tracks, resistance elements). The films for the production of the precision printing screens are created with CAD programs and transferred by photolithographic processes onto the surface of finest metal sieves. The precision of the films, screens and screen printing machines determine the quality of the resistors or sensor elements produced in mass production.
After printing of a for the resistance value selected paste on a ceramic substrate, the elements are baked in a special oven at approx. 825 °C. The resistors are then measured and automatically trimmed to the specified tolerance in a laser trimming machine.
The sensor elements for potentiometric displacement and angle sensors are manufactured using the same methods using polymer or cermet pastes fired different temperatures.

Resistor Production

Almost unique on the world market is the multiple measurement of the resistance tolerance and the temperature coefficient of each single resistor during the production processes. With this method it is possible to sort resistors with the same positive or negative TCR and tolerance curve.
Contrary to standard production processes, in which also exists a  spreading of positive and negative permissible deviations but batches are only selectively measured, this is an important advantage. Selective measurements allow deviations within negative and positive limit values, based on nominal values. This is sufficient for standard requirements. For very ambitious and high demands for TCR and tolerance behavior our selected resistors are a remarkable solution.

With equal resistance tolerance and temperature coefficient selected resistors are also used in our precision networks. They can also be offered as sets, if critical electronic circuits of our customers require it. Furthermore, our resistors are additionally treated in thermal stabilisation processes, which significantly optimise their long-term stability.