Sensor elements

Sensor elements

On our machines and equipment, we manufacture sensor elements of various geometries on high-quality ceramic substrates using precision screen printing and firing processes. In most cases such sensor elements are parts of sensors for the measurement of physical quantities such as displacement and angle. The values are usually measured according to the voltage divider principle of a potentiometer. According to the same manufacturing principle, only using special pastes, we produce elements (solid rings or pitch circles) for slip ring transmitters. The printing and mechanical processing (lasering, drilling, etc.) of ceramic circuit boards, for example for high-frequency circuits, is also part of our range of services. We also print resistance heating elements on non-ceramic materials such as steel or aluminium. We manufacture the mentioned elements exactly according to the product specifications of our customers. Based on decades of experience in the implementation of various projects, we are happy to support you in your development projects.

Potentiometer - element (linear)

Potentiometer - element (round)

Linearpoti Poti rund

Element for pressure senors

Slip ring element

Drucksensor Schleifring