Fig. the company building of the former "electronic GmbH" in Unterhaching near Munich in 1952


As a company for the production of precision carbon layer resistors, electronic GmbH was founded in 1952 with headquarters in Unterhaching near Munich. The company employed 39 people and manufactured resistors with the tightest tolerances and highest resistance values.


For electronic, 0.1% resistors and resistors up to 30 G-Ohm were already standard.


As one of the first manufacturers in Germany, electronic supplied resistors with welded connecting wires. The resistors were equipped with precious metal caps for improved long-term constancy.


The electronic was taken over by Philips and profiles itself as a pioneer in metal film resistors. Approximately 300 employees produced resistors with a temperature coefficient of ±25 ppm and a tolerance of ±0.1%.


electronic became part of Ruf GmbH & Co. KG, a special electrical engineering factory that has been active worldwide for decades. Its resistors, manufactured according to MIL standards, were incorporated into the electronic product range.


electronic began with cermet production, i.e. the manufacture of resistors based on thick-film pastes.


electronic provided its customers with a quick service: Within three working days, metal layer resistors with a tolerance of ±0.1% and a temperature coefficient from TK 15 were at the user's premises.


electronic presented the world's smallest R-network:

16 resistors on 2 x 11.5 mm, pitch 1.27 (SMD).


The electronic supplied precision resistors in size 0207 with smallest temperature coefficients (TK ±3 ppm) and narrowest tolerances (± 0.05 %), which were available from stock in selected values. In addition, this service was offered in TK 25 and 50 with the type MELF 0207 (SMD).


The electronic GmbH was taken over by the "Ruf electronics GmbH" with headquarters in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn as business unit "Precision Layer Resistors". The trademark has continued.


The "Precision Layer Resistors" division was spun off by "RUF electronics GmbH" and continued as a company with the name "electronic sensor+resistor GmbH" with new shareholders.

In addition to the customers, all machines and personnel were taken over and the trademark, which has been registered since 1959, has continued.


Start of business operations of the electronic sensor+resistor GmbH with

Extension of the production program with sensor elements for displacement and angle measurement.


Relocation from Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn to Ottobrunn near Munich


Supplementation of the product range with precision chip resistors and conclusion of a distribution contract with Viking Tech/ Taiwan


Expansion of the product range with wirewound precision resistors, shunts and special resistors