About us


The Munich-based company is first and foremost a specialist supplier of resistors and sensor solutions. Our special strengths are the fast implementation of customer specifications. This applies to series of several thousand pieces, as well as for very small quantities.

The current portfolio of the former pioneer in the field of thin-film technology now includes resistor products of various resistor technologies. Regardless of whether the products offered originate from our own production or are manufactured for us by one of our long-standing partners, the high standards of quality and reliability apply and are consistently checked. For this purpose, complex control procedures are applied, up to the individual measurement of each component by means of calibrated measuring technology.

We see the focus of our activities above all in the realization of special tasks of our customers in the fields of resistance technology, sensor elements as well as precision screen printing for the production of further technical solutions.
In accordance with our self-image as a customer-oriented company, we always offer our customers a competent service and appreciate the trust placed in us over decades.